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Want to investigate insulation options?

Lower energy costs and a pleasant floor are smart investments. Discover the benefits of floor insulation and enjoy a more comfortable and sustainable home. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Floor insulation

Welcome to our website, the place where you can find everything about floor insulation and the various options we offer to optimally insulate your floor.


Discover the many benefits of floor insulation and learn how it increases your comfort, saves energy and contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

Floor insulation is an effective way to regulate the temperature in your home and reduce heat loss. By youfloor Proper insulation prevents cold air from the crawl space from entering your home and the heat from your heating from dissipating into the ground. This not only results in a more pleasant living environment, but also in lower energy costs.

With us you can choose from different floor insulation systems, each with their own unique properties:

  1. Tonzon floor insulation: This innovative system uses special thermal cushions that are placed under your floor. These cushions reflect the heat back into the home, so you lose less energy and can achieve significant energy savings.

  2. PIF floor insulation: PIF stands for PolyIsocyanurate Foil and is a high-quality insulation foil that is very thin and flexible. It is applied directly to the underside of the floor and provides excellent insulation. This system is ideal for situations where limited space is available.

  3. Glass wool insulation:Glass wool is a well-known and widely used insulation material. It is placed under the floor in the form of mats or rolls. Glass wool has good thermal insulation properties and also provides sound insulation. It is an affordable and efficient option for floor insulation.

Our experienced specialists are ready to advise you on which floor insulation system is most suitable for your situation. They will thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with tailor-made advice. We also provide professional installation, so that you can enjoy a well-insulated floor and the benefits it brings.

Invest in floor insulation today and benefit from a better indoor climate, lower energy costs and a more sustainable home. Contact us for more information or request a quote without obligation. Together we ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient home with the right floor insulation solution that suits your needs.

Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
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