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Do you suffer from pigeons or other birds?

Our effective pigeon repellent keeps these winged pests at bay. No more pigeon droppings, no nests and no damage. Choose a pigeon-free environment. Call us today!


Pest control

Birds are beautiful creatures that surround us with their cheerful songs and majestic flights. However, when birds settle in places where they cause a nuisance, it may be necessary to take bird control measures. At our company, we understand the lifestyle of birds and provide solutions to limit their presence in a humane and effective manner.


Birds can cause various forms of nuisance, such as building nests in gutters, chimneys or under solar panels. This can lead to blockages, disruption of water drainage and even a fire hazard. In addition, birds can cause noise pollution, especially during the early morning hours, which can lead to irritation and disturbance of the peace.


Our experienced team of professionals understands the unique lifestyle and behavior patterns of birds. We thoroughly analyze the specific situation and offer tailor-made solutions that suit your specific needs. We use a range of effective bird deterrent techniques, including bird nets, bird pins and bird deterrent systems.

Bird nets provide a physical barrier that prevents birds from gaining access to certain areas, such as balconies, terraces and facades. These nets are durable and unobtrusive, making them aesthetically pleasing. Bird spikes, on the other hand, are strategically placed on edges, ledges, and other places where birds tend to land and nest. These pegs provide an uncomfortable surface that forces birds to seek other locations.

In addition to physical measures, we can also use acoustic and visual deterrents to discourage birds. Sound systems with birds of prey sounds or bird deterrent sounds can help disrupt their comfort zone, while visual deterrents such as reflective tape or inflatable birds mimic birds of prey and keep birds away.

Our bird repellent techniques are effective, environmentally friendly and safe for both the birds and the environment. We strive to create a harmonious balance between people and nature, both protecting your property and respecting the natural habitat of birds.

Contact us today and let our team of experts help you implement a tailor-made bird control solution. Say goodbye to the nuisance of birds and enjoy your living environment in peace and quiet again.

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