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  • Woodworm control

  • Fungi & mold remediation

  • Moisture proofing

  • Insulate crawl spaces

  • Crawl space renovation

  • Supporting floor renovation

  • Ventilation

  • Pest control

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Crawlspace & Renovation specialist

Welcome to Piket Services, your reliable partner in the field of specialist services for a safe and healthy living environment. With a wide range of expertise, we offer various professional solutions for a safe and healthy living environment.

Insulate crawl space

Frequently asked questions about Piket Services

  • What are the signs of fungus infestation in my home?
    Signs of fungus infestation can vary, but common indicators include discoloration or distortion of woodwork, loose floor tiles, musty odors and even visible mold growth.
  • Is fungus infestation harmful to my health?
    Yes, fungus infestation can cause structural damage to your home as well as be harmful to your health, especially for those with allergies or breathing problems. It is important to take fungus infestation seriously and tackle it as quickly as possible.
  • How can I prevent fungus infestation?
    To prevent fungus infestation, it is important to tackle moisture problems in the home, such as leaks or damp basements/crawl spaces. In addition, it is regularly important that there is sufficient ventilation in the basement/crawl space
  • What can I do if I suspect that my house is affected by fungi?
    If you suspect that your home is affected by mold, it is wise to have a professional inspection carried out by a certified mold control company. We can provide you with this inspection. Request a free inspection on this page.
  • How long does it take to remove fungus infestation?
    The time required to remove fungus infestation may vary depending on the extent of the infestation and the control methods used. In some cases it may take several hours to days for the fungus infestation to be completely removed and the remediation work to be completed.
  • Are there natural methods to combat fungi?
    Although natural methods such as good ventilation and moisture control can help prevent fungus infestation, it is usually necessary to use professional control methods to effectively remove existing fungus infestation.

Piket Services carries out an inspection without obligation within two working days

Our services

With a wide range of expertise, we offer professional solutions in the areas of:

At Piket Services, we understand that protecting your valuable property is of utmost importance. That is why we specialise in effective woodworm control, ensuring that your wooden structures such as furniture, floors and roof structures are permanently protected from the damaging effects of these wood-damaging insects. Our experienced professionals use advanced techniques and high-quality products to completely eradicate woodworm and prevent further damage.

We also offer comprehensive fungus remediation services. Whether it is the control of basement fungus, house fungus or other harmful fungi, our experts are skilled in identifying, treating and removing these problematic organisms. We ensure that your buildings and structures are restored to a healthy and safe state, using effective methods and high-quality antifungal products.

Moisture problems can negatively affect both the structure of your property and your living environment. Our damp proofing services focus on identifying the cause of damp problems, such as leaks, condensation or rising damp, and taking effective measures to remedy them. Using advanced technologies and durable materials, we ensure optimum moisture balance and protect your home from further damage.

Besides the above services, we also offer crawl space renovation to improve and protect your crawl space from moisture problems and insulation loss. Our professionals are experts in installing high-quality insulation materials and improving ventilation to create a healthy and energy-efficient indoor environment.

Proper ventilation in the crawl space is crucial for a healthy and stable environment within your property. We offer tailor-made solutions to prevent moisture build-up and protect your property from potential problems such as mould growth and structural damage. Contact us today for more information.

Crawl space insulation is vital for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. By insulating your crawl space, you can reduce heat loss, prevent moisture problems and improve the energy efficiency of your home. At our company, we offer tailor-made crawl space insulation solutions that provide effective protection against cold and moisture. With our expertise and high-quality insulation materials, we aim to increase your living comfort and reduce your energy costs.

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