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Request a crawl space inspection

If you are unsure whether your building suffers from wood damage, moisture or other problems related to the crawl space, we can determine this for you. Piket services carries out an inspection without obligation within two working days. Request your inspection below.

Crawl space renovation

Piket Services can carry out minor repairs to complete renovation of the crawl space for you. Request a free inspection above and, if necessary, a no-obligation quote. 

  • Floor insulation

  • Soil insulation

  • Ventilation facilities

  • Repair supporting structure

  • Repair masonry

Floor insulation

Given energy prices and the sustainability of the economy, many people choose to better insulate their homes. Several municipalities even have a subsidy scheme for making your home more sustainable. This subsidy also applies to the installation of floor and ground insulation. Picket Servicesoffersdifferent ways of insulating. We use the following materials: 


  • Tonzon thermal bags with air chambers

  • Glass or rock wool insulation

  • PIF insulation 


If you are interested in insulating your floor or are curious about the possibilities, request a free inspection via the link above.


Soil insulation

Soil insulation is often forgotten, but it is perhaps even more important than floor insulation.  Soil insulation ensures a dry climate in your crawl space. Mold often forms in crawl spaces because the humidity  is often quite high in the crawl space. After installing the ground insulation, the condensing groundwater will evaporate or remain under the insulation layer, depending on which product is used.This creates a dry air layer between the ground insulation and the floor, which greatly improves the climate. 

We use the following bottom valves:

  • Insulation chips  (EPS)

  • Shell insulation

  • Bottom foils 

If you suffer from a damp crawl space or are curious about the possibilities, request a free inspection via the link above. 

Ventilation facilities

A poorly ventilated crawl space can cause many problems. In addition to the moisture problems it causes, fungi can also develop. Stagnant air is the ideal climate for wood damage such as fungi. Piket Services can provide you with the repair of your existing ventilation ducts and the installation of a new ventilation facility.  Request a free inspection via the link above if you are interested. 

Supporting structure

Piket Services is also available to repair or replace your load-bearing floor construction. We can carry out some repair work for you on weakened supporting beams or install a completely new floor and remove the old one. Do you need advice? During a non-binding inspection, we will always check your beams for load-bearing capacity and hardness. Book an inspection via the link above. 


Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
Insulate crawl space
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