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Appointment within 24 hours

Certified staff

Effective treatment


MOTH CONTROL (only for private individuals)


Piket Services will carry out an inspection and treatment. A certified exterminator will come by and carry out 2 treatments; The first treatment is a surface treatment using a nebulizer, followed by a seam and crack treatment with a toxic pesticide around the source.


Your preparations

  • Remove all curtains and wash them at 60 degrees
  • Remove your clothes from your cupboards and wash them at 60 degrees or if this is not possible, place them in the freezer for 48 hours


Piket services will contact you within 24 hours of ordering to schedule an appointment.


Attention! This treatment is only for private individuals. If you are a business customer, please contact us via the telephone number below, email address or complete the business request form on our site. 




  • The treatment is carried out within 48 hours.

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