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Request an inspection of your floor

If you are unsure whether your supporting floor needs to be replaced. please contact us. Piket services carries out an inspection without obligation within two working days. Request your inspection below.

Bearing floor Renovation

At Piket Services we understand that the foundation of every building starts with a solid load-bearing floor. As a specialist in the complete replacement of old supporting floors, we offer a comprehensive solution for renewing your floor system. Whether it concerns a wooden supporting floor or a concrete supporting floor, we are ready to renew your floor and provide it with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


Our services:

  • Replacement of Bearing Floors: We specialize in the complete replacement of supporting floors. Whether you choose a wooden load-bearing floor with a warm appearance or the durability of a concrete roll floor, we provide a floor that meets your specific needs.

  • Insulation Options: Our installed floors can be insulated with various high-quality insulation materials. This contributes to energy efficiency and a pleasant indoor climate. For more information about the different insulation techniques, we ask you to contact us.

  • Finished floors: We not only provide the supporting floor, but also the finishing floor. Whether you choose a sleek cast floor, the warmth of parquet, or the convenience of laminate, we have the expertise to finish your floor perfectly.

  • Underfloor heating: Complete your new floor with underfloor heating. We offer professional installation to provide your space with comfortable and even heat.

At Piket Services we strive for sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for tailor-made advice and discover how we can renew and improve your floor.

Treating woodworm
Treating woodworm
Treating woodworm
Treating woodworm
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